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3631 Retiree Workshop

Orange County Professional Firefighters, Local 3631

Event Details

2018 Retiree Workshops

Greetings All:


Reminder for the upcoming retirement workshop 2018.  Speakers from CALPERS, OCERS, Social Security, LAFCU, OCFA, Galloway, Nationwide and Brown Insurance will be present.  See below for future date. 


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Date:               October 17, 2016 (C Shift)


Time:              9 AM (lunch is included)


Schedule:        0900-0930           Nationwide

                        0930-1000           CalPERS

                        1000-1115           OCERS

                        1115-1145           Brown

                        1145-1215           Social Security

                        1215-1245           Lunch

                        1245-1315           LAFCU

                        1315-1400           OCFA

                        1400-1430           Galloway                         



Orange County Professional Firefighters

Local 3631

1900 E. Warner Ave. Suite G

Santa Ana, CA 92705


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The above schedule is tentative based on the time needed to cover various subjects . 


No upcoming events at the moment
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